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ATFDL provides the ability to download iOS 8 beta, including iOS 8 Beta Downloads, OS X 10.10 Beta Downloads, and we allow UDID registration!

ATFDL is the ONLY website that gives you downloads and allows you to register UDID in one place, with free UDID swaps, instant udid registration, live customer support and early access to iOS 8 Beta.

#1 in Industry

ATFDL is the fastest iOS and OSX beta download website in the world. With 4 dedicated servers, we have the fastest download times and fastest UDID registration.

It's no wonder ATFDL has processed over 50,000 orders just last year. Customers love our security, speed, and support.

Fast and friendly dedicated support to help you with any of our services. We are here for you.

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Easy to use Client

Register UDIDs and unlock your iPhone with a simple guided walkthrough. You won't believe how easy it is to install a iOS beta to test your iOS Application.

Latest Betas

We provide the latest iOS betas faster then any other website. With hundreds of thousands of vistors and downloads daily, it is important to us to keep our website in tip top shape.

Latest Announcements

02/20/2015 - ATFDL releases official comment on the future of iOS Betas and Registration
We're excited to read the rumor that Apple is allowing even greater amount of people...

02/17/2015 - ATFDL lowers UDID Registration to $4.50 for any UDID order on the Family Plan, while providing free UDID swaps!
We are excited to announce that effective today, 2/17/2015, we will be lowering the...